Losing Weight After Pregnancy – 5 Tips For Quickly Getting Back Into Shape After Having a Baby

You’re not alone. It’s common to struggle with losing weight after pregnancy.

Caring for a newborn baby leaves little time for exercise. As a busy mom, your time no longer belongs to you — because your little one relies on you entirely for constant care.

With so little time to yourself, you may feel like it’s impossible to get back in shape after having a baby.


Especially when all you feel like doing is sleeping or relaxing whenever you get the chance.

Good news… Here are 5 easy ways to get fit after having a baby. Yes, you can get your pre-pregnancy body back!


#1 – Pick the right gym.

Some gyms and fitness centers have childcare staff onsite, so you can bring your baby along and have someone watch her while you exercise.

This service may be a part of your membership, or you might have to pay a small fee for the childcare.


Once you’re ready to start exercising again and you’re comfortable with your baby being in the care of someone else, try to find a gym that offers childcare in your area — then take full advantage of this opportunity to take care of your health.

Gold’s Gyms typically offer childcare, as do most YMCA’s. Call local fitness centers and ask about their childcare services.

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#2 – Go up and down the stairs.

You can squeeze in a quick workout in the comfort of your own home while the baby naps.

How? Burn calories by walking up and down the stairs! This exercise not only revs your heart rate, but also tones your legs and hips.


You don’t have to spend much time climbing stairs to get a decent workout. According to Step Jockey, you can burn .17 calories by climbing up 1 step and .05 calories by walking down 1 step.

This means you’ll burn about 25 calories by walking up and down a 12-step staircase 10 times. Do this a few times a day to melt away some of the baby weight!

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#3 – Go for a stroller walk.

If the weather permits, you can get fit by taking baby outside for a walk in the stroller.

Most babies enjoy the motion of a stroller — because while in the womb, babies become accustomed to being rocked by the motion of mom walking around throughout the day.


You can get back in shape by taking a stroller walk a few days each week, and baby might even take a nap as you push him along in the stroller.

The amount of calories burned while walking and pushing a stroller vary according to your starting weight. If you weigh around 130 pounds, you’ll burn approximately 143 calories per hour. A weight of approximately 205 pounds will result in a calorie-burn of around 233 per hour. For a half-pound weekly weight loss resulting only from walking while pushing a stroller, you’d have to sustain your activity for about 1 hour and 5 minutes to approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. Source


#4 – Take advantage of your lunch break.

If you decide to head back to work, you can squeeze some exercise into your day during your lunch break:

  • Use the first half of your lunch break to take a quick walk outside your office.
  • Then eat during the latter half of your lunch break.


Even a 15-minute walk is enough to elevate your metabolism and boost your mood.

Every little bit helps!

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#5 – Enlist support from family and friends.

If a family member or close friend offers to watch your baby for an hour, take advantage of their kindness and take some time for yourself. Head to the gym or go for a jog (…or even go for a walk).

Most people who offer to help truly want to be involved, and they know that you need some time to take care of yourself.


You could also ask your spouse or partner to watch the baby while you take a moment to exercise. This allows you to get fit while your partner bonds with baby.

If you’re breastfeeding, wait until your baby is at least 2 months old before you try to lose weight. Aim for a weight loss of about 1 pound and a half per week. You can do this by eating less food and getting more exercise. To do this, cut out 500 calories a day from your current diet. Ask your doctor how many calories you need each day. Source

Before using any of these strategies, make sure that your body is fully healed from childbirth and able to handle physical activity again. Your obstetrician will likely examine you 6 weeks after the baby’s birth and will be able to advise you whether it’s safe for you to resume exercise.


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