Pregnant Vegetarian And Vegan Diet Tips

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Contrary to what some sources would have you believe, it is very safe to be a vegetarian or a vegan and to be pregnant.

The only time there might be a problem is when you get too little of these in your diet:

  • Calories
    You should consume at least 300 extra calories per day throughout the pregnancy, plus at least 1,000 mg of calcium per day.
  • Protein
    It’s important to get enough protein in your diet. Some good sources of protein for vegetarians who are pregnant are: beans, brown rice, and vegetables such as mushrooms, avacadoes and peas.
  • Vitamins
    In addition to your prenatal vitamin and a daily dose of VItamin D, it’s necessary to take extra B vitamin supplements. You also need extra iron in your diet when you’re pregnant. All of these vitamins tend to be absent (or decreased) in a vegetarian or vegan diet. This is one reason that actress Natalie Portman switched from a vegan diet to a vegetarian diet.


These videos touch on each of the above and their importance for the pregnant vegetarian…





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