Yes, You Can Be Pregnant & Sexy At The Same Time!

Do you have the body blues that come with being pregnant? Most women feel this way during pregnancy and think there is no way they can be pregnant & sexy at the same time. The truth is though, it’s possible to be pregnant & sexy, you just have to know what to do!

Mommy Brain: Does Pregnancy Really Make You Forgetful?

Following are some thoughts about mommy brain — that feeling of forgetfulness commonly experienced during pregnancy. You’ll see opinions from both sides of the fence — the naysayers who say pregnancy brain doesn’t exist, as well as some mothers who have experienced it firsthand themselves.

Please Don’t Touch My Pregnant Belly!

Are you pregnant, and don’t want everyone in the world touching your belly? I know it bothered me to no end when my pregnant belly became public domain. I found some creative ways to get the message across. And you’re not alone… LOTS of expectant mothers don’t want their belly rubs!