What NOT To Wear At Hospital Birth

What should you wear at the hospital during and after birth?

Handy checklists (see below) will tell you lots of things to pack in your hospital bag.

But I’m going to tell you the truth: You don’t need to pack as many clothes or underthings as you think!


Here is real-world advice about the clothes and underwear you need for a hospital birth…


Pregnancy Hospital Gowns


Do I think the celebrities’ Hot Mama maternity gowns are cute? Absolutely.

But I’d rather use my money for cute post-baby clothes than stain an expensive maternity gown!

Besides, that dreaded hospital gown is constructed that way for a reason.  You may have an IV for at least a day.  Also, nurses will need access for ice packs and dressings.

Don’t worry, the hospital maternity gowns are different than the typical hospital exam gown.  Mine had snaps on each shoulder to make nursing access easy.

When it became stained, I was given a fresh gown — and I didn’t have to do any laundry when I got home.

If you’re set on taking your own maternity gowns, here are some maternity hospital gowns that are a little more reasonable.


Speaking Of Stains And Bleeding…

Every hospital bag checklist I’ve read recommends that I bring my own maxi pads (or even Depends undergarments) for after-birth bleeding.

You know what? The hospital pads are bigger, better, and conveniently stacked on a shelf next to the toilet.

I ended up carting my big bulky package of pads back home.


Leave The Good Underwear At Home

Did you know that the hospital will provide you with unique, stretchy net panties for your stay?  Use them!  They’re great and they hold the hospital’s maxi pad perfectly in place.

If you want to bring underwear from home, sacrifice your worn-out maternity panties.

Every new mother deserves a drawer of new underwear after a baby, anyway!  Or you might prefer some post-baby recovery undergarments and shapers.


leaving-hospital-with-baby-by-Carnaval-King-08Regular Clothes For Visitors And Going Home

I felt more together while wearing loose maternity clothes during the day.

I saved the pretty nursing gowns and robes for home — after most of the messiness had passed.

When you leave the hospital, you’ll look about 6 months pregnant. This even includes your feet! 

In fact, you may want to bring shoes a whole size larger than normal.  If you received IV fluid during labor, you’ll be sure to experience swelling afterward.

Common sense says not to bring valuable jewelry to the hospital, but do think about an attractive necklace or a flowing top with a flattering neckline.

There will be lots of photos of you and baby!  But don’t worry, you’ll be wearing the most beautiful smile, no matter what you’ve packed.

You did it!



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