How To Survive Your Glucose Tolerance Tests

I’m pregnant and not feeling good. Here’s what happened when I had elevated results on the gestational diabetes screening at 28 weeks — and some tips for surviving the 3-hour glucose tolerance test.

4 Effortless Ways To Simplify Your Pregnancy

Here are 4 effortless ways to make your pregnancy easy. Simplify life during pregnancy by outsourcing grocery delivery, meal preparation, house cleaning, and shopping for baby.

How Many Diapers To Buy Before Baby & What Kind?

It’s time to stock up on diapers before the new baby arrives. How many diapers should you buy ahead of time? What brand of diapers should you buy? When is a diaper really a good price? Here are links to great mom blogs which discuss diapers for new babies.

What Will My Baby Look Like?

Here’s a fun and free game to help you figure out what your baby will look like! Kim Komando named a cool site of the day. Here’s what happened when I combined my photo with my husband’s, and it wasn’t very pleasing!

When Is It Normal To Be Exhausted & Pregnant?

When is it normal to feel tired while pregnant? When do you know that something is out of balance with your pregnancy? If you’re so tired you can’t get out of bed, here are a few ideas to consider having checked at your doctor’s office.

Best Deal On Prenatal Vitamins: FREE!

Meijer stores nationwide will give pregnant women free prenatal vitamins. Here are the brands of prenatal vitamins in the program and how to find a Meijer pharmacy near you.

Sniff, Sniff: Stuffy Nose & Pregnancy Rhinitis

Do you have a stuffy nose and congestion while pregnant? It’s called pregnancy rhinitis. Here’s what to do about your stuffy nose, plus which environmental factors you should avoid inhaling during pregnancy.

Insider Tips For Flying Pregnant …Been There, Done That!

More and more pregnant moms are planning babymoons — trips to enjoy your time alone before baby arrives. Here are some tips for being comfortable on the airplane while pregnant, whether you are traveling to a fun destination or simply flying for business. Plus, airplane safety tips for pregnant moms.