Mom And Baby Review The Trilingual Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

My baby is now 10 months old and pulling himself to stand while holding onto furniture.

My 10 month old enjoying the Baby Einstein Discovering Music activity table.

Our nephew, who is 6 months older, outgrew his Baby Einstein Discovering Music activity table — so our baby was gifted a new toy to play with.

So far, it has kept our baby quite entertained with all of the activities.

Not to mention how he loves to slide it across the floor while holding on — just as an old man would a walker. (It’s hilarious to watch!)

Little man standing with the Baby Einstein activity table.


What Makes This Baby Activity Table Unique

These are some of the features on the Baby Einstein Discover Music activity table:

  • The table is trilingual with English, Spanish, and French verbal options.
  • The legs are easily removed — so baby can play with the activity table top separately on the floor.
  • This activity table is the perfect height for babies as they are learning to stand while holding onto furniture.
  • It provides constant entertainment with lights, melodies, counting, and colors.
  • The table has piano style keys, which light up. When the keys are on ‘discover mode,’ they pronounce the color and number associated with each key.
  • It has a flip book station with fun imagery — which is used to select the mode between music or discovery.
  • There is a drum pad station — which lights up, has different drum sounds, and counts from 1 to 5.
  • When baby strums the guitar station, it plays short melodies and activates lights.
  • There are different shaped buttons of primary colors with images of animals and instruments on them.
  • There is a cute French horn with a rattle spinner ball — which activates short melodies.

The Baby Einstein Discover Music activity table captivates the attention of my 10-month-old.

I do use some restraint when it comes to making new toy purchases — because I don’t want our baby to have an overabundance of toys. He already has many toys (which he bores of easily), but this activity table seems to be keeping him engaged.

I’m sure it’s because he loves to stand — and it happens to be the perfect height. He will inch circles around the table as he plays with all of the buttons!

My son fully engaged with the Baby Einstein music table.

If your baby is not standing yet, this is an activity that can grow with your baby — because the table legs remove easily, so the tabletop alone can be used to play on the floor.

The Baby Einstein Discovering Music activity table has been a great addition for our baby who is on the move — because he can play and discover while standing and practicing his balance.

Here’s our video review of this Baby Einstein activity table: