Men’s Fertility Issues & Things Dads-To-Be Can Do To Ensure A Healthy Pregnancy

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expectant-couple-by-daor.jpg Most of the time when we think of infertility or trying to conceive we think of women.

However, women are only half the equation when it comes to getting pregnant.

Male infertility comes into play as well.

According to the Book Of Odds:

  • Women are more likely to have problems with fertility. The odds a woman 15-44 has ever had a problem becoming pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term are 1 in 8.47. For men of the same age, the odds of ever having experienced a fertility problem are 1 in 83.33.

  • The frequency of fertility issues increases with age. A woman aged 40-44 is about twice as likely to experience fertility problems (1 in 5.59) as a woman age 15-29 (1 in 11.9). And men aren’t immune from the effects of age. The odds that a man 15-29 has ever had an infertility problem are 1 in 250, but that becomes 1 in 50 for men 40-44.

So clearly, the man’s pre-pregnancy health is just as important as the woman’s.

Here are some things that men can do to boost their fertility and ensure a healthy, happy pregnancy:

  • Be aware of your childhood illnesses. Some childhood illnesses (such as the mumps) can affect fertility. Some can even make men permanently sterile.
  • Be careful what medications you are taking. Some medications (such as Tagamet, for example) can affect a man’s sperm production.
  • Keep your body cool. Saunas, hot tubs, and wearing tight clothing can kill sperm. Sperm don’t like excessive heat, so if you’re trying to get pregnant, avoid it.
  • Have sex every 48 hours. Timing is everything. If you have sex too seldom or not enough, it can make getting pregnant harder.

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When all is said and done, getting pregnant is definitely something worth celebrating! If you or someone you know has finally conceived, then a gift for the dad-to-be may be in order.