Warning: Pregnant Women Can Get STD’s

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std-poster-BurningQuestion.jpg Women don’t often worry about getting an STD while pregnant.

But the fact is you can contract a sexually transmitted disease, if you’re not careful and/or not in a committed relationship where both partners are monogamous.

There are 3 ways to avoid contracting an STD while pregnant:

  • Abstain from sex.
  • Only have sex within a mutually monogamous relationship where you know your partner is clean (because he’s been tested).
  • Use condoms when having sex.

STD’s can harm your baby in the following ways. The baby could:

  • be stillborn
  • have a low birth weight
  • be born with conjunctivitis, pneumonia, deafness, blindness, hepatitis, meningitis, or liver disease
  • be born with several other problems

For these reasons it’s important to avoid getting STD’s when you’re pregnant.


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