Pregnant With Morning Sickness? Metoclopramide May Help

A new study found that metoclopramide, an anti-nausea drug, is safe for pregnant women to take to ward off morning sickness.

82,000 births were analyzed where this drug was used.

The study found that no difference in the number of birth defects between the women who took the drug and those who did not.


One of the largest studies ever done on a commonly used anti-nausea drug, metoclopramide, has concluded it is safe and does not affect fetal development, even when taken during the first trimester, a critical period of development. Source

Despite this, many women still will not take a drug to control morning sickness.

The reason? In the past, such drugs have caused deformities in babies and mothers simply don’t want to risk that.

For more information on this new finding, consult The New England Journal of Medicine.


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