Fun Pregnancy T-Shirts & Baby Onesies With An Attitude

it-started-with-a-kiss-tshirt-by-emme-dk.jpg When you’re pregnant, there are lots of fun ways to bring attention to your belly… and your personality!

Don’t like people touching your pregnant belly? There are maternity t-shirts with slogans like:

  • Ever been slapped by a pregnant chick? Touch my belly and live the experience!
  • Rub my belly and I will barf on you!
  • Or my personal favorite, "Hands off the bump!"

There are also cute little onesies you can get for your baby:

  • If you don’t like my attitude then stop talking to me!
  • It’s not gas, I just want you to go away!
  • If you’re not here to change my diaper, then you’re wasting my time!

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