Inducing Labor: The 5 Ways That Doctors Can Induce Labor

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inducing-labor-doctor-by-Plutor.jpg If your baby is late in coming, your doctor may decide to induce labor.

When your doctor is inducing labor, he will try one or more of these 5 different methods:

  • A finger inserted to separate the amniotic sac from the cervix. This causes the body to release prostoglandins and induces labor.
  • Your doctor may give you synthetic prostoglandins to get labor started.
  • A plastic balloon device may be inserted into your cervix and then filled with water to ripen the cervix.
  • Your doctor may insert a plastic hook into the cervix and break the amniotic sac to help induce labor.
  • You may be given the drug Pitocin to strengthen your contractions.


This video illustrates all of the ways that doctors induce labor in hospitals:


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