Car Travel With Baby: One Mom’s Simple Tips For Traveling With A Toddler In The Car

My baby is 1 year old — which means he can finally ride in a forward facing car seat. We chose the Britax convertible car seat — because of its high safety rating. See what traveling with a toddler in the car is like for our family. My best baby travel tips for your next road trip with a toddler… from entertaining DVD movies in the car to the best snacks & sippy cups for toddler car trips.

Alternative Vaccine Schedules vs. The CDC’s Immunization Schedule: How To Find Vaccine-Friendly Pediatricians

As a first time mother, I question everything when it comes to the wellness and safety of my baby. Right away, we were faced with the dilemma of getting newborn vaccines while in the hospital after delivery – the Hepatitis B shot, and the Vitamin K shot. Then, the CDC’s immunization schedule for children says to give 6 vaccinations at 2 months of age. I’ve done my research and decided to follow an alternative vaccine schedule instead of the CDC’s baby vaccination chart. See why, and if this is the right decision for your family — or not.

Baby Led Weaning Foods To Start With + One Mom’s Helpful Tips Before Getting Started With BLW

I had planned to make my own baby food once I started introducing solid foods to my exclusively breastfed baby. But when my baby was 8 months old, I decided to try baby led weaning instead — and now I can’t imagine introducing solid foods any other way! Here are the benefits of BLW, the best baby led weaning foods to start with, and my tips for moms before starting baby led weaning.

Our Elimination Communication Potty Training Update: The Pros & Cons Of Practicing EC & How It’s Working For Us

I’ve been practicing Elimination Communication potty training (with a diaper backup) since my baby was 13 weeks of age. In 1 month he will be a year old, and we are still committed to becoming diaper free. I’ve learned a few things about EC since I first started it — so I thought I’d share the following with others who are considering it: How I’m encouraging my baby to go potty at specific times, What my baby’s potty signals are, What my baby’s diaper-free times are like, The benefits of EC and why I’m sticking with it, The challenges of EC and how I’m working through them.

One Mom’s Clever Tips & Tricks For Toddler Proofing Your House Once Baby Starts To Crawl

My baby has started crawling and pulling himself up to stand — which means it’s time for us to toddler proof the entire house! I have a few clever tricks for toddler proofing your home, plus a list of my favorite child proof products to protect your curious toddler — including child proof locks for drawers, cabinets, and other doors (like refrigerators, toilets, trash cans, etc).