When Is It Normal To Be Exhausted & Pregnant?

When is it normal to feel tired while pregnant? When do you know that something is out of balance with your pregnancy? If you’re so tired you can’t get out of bed, here are a few ideas to consider having checked at your doctor’s office.

Sniff, Sniff: Stuffy Nose & Pregnancy Rhinitis

Do you have a stuffy nose and congestion while pregnant? It’s called pregnancy rhinitis. Here’s what to do about your stuffy nose, plus which environmental factors you should avoid inhaling during pregnancy.

Moles & Skin Tags Growing During Pregnancy

When I got pregnant, moles and skin tags started growing on my body! Did I have cancer? Here’s why my dermatologist told me not to worry, along with warning signs for mole growth and ways that dermatologists remove moles and skin tags after pregnancy.