Pregnancy Discomfort: How To Stay Comfortable When You’re Pregnant

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Does it seem like you’re uncomfortable much of the time, now that you’re pregnant?

In addition to weird things like unsightly moles & skin tags and restless legs, being constantly uncomfortable is one of the many side effects associated with pregnancy.

It’s also common to experience these other signs of pregnancy discomfort…



Uncomfortable Feelings During Pregnancy

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So just know this…

In the end, your strange pregnancy symptoms may be perfectly normal!

Fortunately, there are things you can do to help minimize your pregnancy discomfort and make yourself feel better.


Best Ways To Alleviate Pregnancy Discomfort

By trying these ideas you should be able to stay comfortable while you’re pregnant:

1. Invest in at least one pair of shoes that are comfortable and have the proper support. Your legs and back will thank you.

2. Enjoy the time you have before the baby is born. Do things that make you feel good — like taking a warm bath or watching your favorite movies. Here are 20 reasons you’ll miss being pregnant.

3. Practice some yoga positions for late pregnancy. They will help you relax and feel calm prior to delivering your baby. Bonus: yoga pants are great maternity clothes; they look great and are comfy too!

4. Avoid processed foods. Try to stick to all-natural, healthy food choices. Your body will be better able to heal itself from the inside out.

5. Purchase a body pillow to help you sleep at night. It can be difficult find a comfortable sleeping position when you’re pregnant. A body pillow will help.

6. Try aromatherapy. These essential oils can help with some pregnancy discomforts: chamomile, ginger, lavender, and lemon.


Elle is a mom-to-be who’s dealing with pregnancy discomforts. Here’s how she is staying comfortable during her pregnancy:

The first trimester of this pregnancy for me what about being comfortable. I wasn’t trying to be superwoman, but I just wanted to be able to take care of my regular day to day obligations. Unfortunately I had many bad days and my husband had to pick up different things to see if they could help me. Curious to see what we’ve bought so far? Here’s a list:

  • Warm Mist Humidifier
  • Chest Decongestant
  • Cough Suppressant
  • Ginger Tea
  • Fresh Ginger Root
  • Sea Bands
  • Ginger Ale (Regular, Green Tea, and Cranberry)
  • Gatorade


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