7 Tips For Choosing Your Baby’s Name

Choosing a baby name can be difficult. The name you choose will ultimately impact your child’s life and maybe even his future! Here’s how to choose a name for your baby that he or she will love!

Diaper Cakes Make Great Baby Shower Gifts – How To Make Your Own!

Following are some tips for making your own diaper cakes, plus some places to order diaper cakes online. That way, you can have it delivered to the new parents — at the hospital or at home. Or have the diaper cake delivered to you, and you can take it to the baby shower!

iPod Baby Belt Plays Music To Baby In The Womb

You’ve heard of Baby Mozart and the Mozart effect, right? Well, the iPod Baby Belt is along those same lines, and it is fast becoming one of the newest fashion interests for mothers-to-be. Here’s the scoop.