13 Secrets To Saving Money On Baby Delivery Costs

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sleeping_baby_tiarescott.jpg Most of the time when you think about a baby, you think about how expensive having one is going to be.

However, there are things you can do to help defray the costs of having a baby.

Here’s how to reduce your baby delivery costs:

#1 – Know ahead of time exactly what your health insurance provider will and won’t cover — especially if you’re having twins. You may be able to switch or adjust your plan early in the pregnancy.

#2 – Research hospitals in the area ahead of time. Choose one that you like and can afford.

#3 – Ask your doctor for an estimated cost of the pre-labor office visits, hospital charges, and delivery.

#4 – If you don’t have insurance, then a home birth can be less expensive than a hospital birth. Likewise, some birthing centers charge less than hospitals do for deliveries.

#5 – Using a midwife may be less expensive — whether you have insurance or not.

#6 – Skip the private hospital room because it will cost more.

#7 – Say no to having a TV in the room. Instead, spend as much time with your baby as possible while you’re in the hospital.

#8 – If you skip the epidural and opt for a natural birth, you will avoid the additional fees for such expensive medications. A doula can help you get through a natural birth while saving money at the same time.

#9 – Bring your own toiletries. Know ahead of time whether these items are itemized (thus optional) or not.

#10 – Bring your own over-the-counter medicines. Know ahead of time which OTC meds they are likely to give you after the birth, and bring your own instead.

#11 – Sign up for and make sure you get all those freebies from the hospital where you gave birth. You may have to ask for them.

#12 – Pay cash if possible. Hospitals typically charge much lower fees to those who pay cash.

 #13 – Check your hospital bill, item by item. Hospital billing errors are quite common. For example, they may charge you for items you never used. You can get those items removed from the bill.

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The best place to find out about pregnancy and delivery costs are from people in your life who have recently had a child. Those who live in and around your community probably have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to local hospital and doctor fees. And think about this, a fellow employee who has a new baby can be a great source information about your employer’s health care coverage. It will help you plan and prepare if you get a good estimate about your out-of-pocket expenses. Source