5 Fun Ways To Figure Out If You’re Having A Boy Or A Girl

baby-boy-or-girl-by-opheliates.jpg There are dozens of old wives tales that are supposed to help you predict whether you’re having a boy or a girl.

Check out this Chinese Lunar Chart to determine what gender your newborn baby might be. (Here’s how it works.)

While it’s questionable as to whether all of these methods really work or not, it’s still fun to try and guess what sex your baby is going to be!

Here are some fun little tricks for determining if your baby is a boy or girl…


It will probably be a boy if:

  • You didn’t have any morning sickness early on in your pregnancy.
  • When you look down, your belly resembles a basketball.
  • You’re carrying the baby down low.
  • You have very dry hands all the time.
  • Your husband is gaining weight at the same rate you are.

It will probably be a girl if:

  • Your baby weight is mostly in your rear end and hips.
  • You crave fruit and other sweet things.
  • Your breasts have grown huge!
  • You’re suffering from more acne than usual.
  • Your hair suddenly has red highlights.



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