10 Things Every New Parent Needs

Here’s a funny piece that appeared in Baby Talk magazine. It’s good for a laugh or two. Plus, see how to get a FREE subscription to Baby Talk magazine!

Creative Comebacks… What To Say When Someone Asks, Are You Pregnant?

If you’re chubby, wear your clothes untucked a lot, or have some mood swings in the presence of friends, co-workers, relatives, or even strangers… then you may be asked the question at some point: ‘Are you pregnant?’ If you are not, then here are some fun and unique things you can say in reply.


What It’s REALLY Like To Give Birth

Here is Rob Cockerham’s take on the birth of his first child, including play-by-play details of all the days that his wife Stacy spent in the hospital — pre labor, during labor, and post-labor.


Love Lori: A New Father-To-Be Blogs About Pregnancy

A pregnancy journal in the form of a Blog …from a guy’s perspective. Mike — about to become a father for the first time — created this Blog as a place to document his personal thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams…