All The Best Baby Cell Phone Apps For Parents With iPhones… Most Are FREE!

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There are tons of baby cell phone apps available now for new parents. Photo by PatCastaldo on FlickrBeing a new parent means a lot of sleepless nights, constant crying, doctors appointments, diaper changes, frequent feedings, and a whole host of other unknowns!

What if you could get a little help along the way that could save you time, money… and maybe even your sanity?

Sounds great, right?

Most of us have heard about the thousands of cell phone apps available these days, but do you know about all of the baby cell phone apps that exist for new moms and dads?

Here are all the best iPhone apps for parents — to make both your pregnancy and life with your new baby a little easier… and fun!


Don’t have an iPhone… but rather a Blackberry or Android phone instead?

Here’s a list of all the Blackberry baby cell phone apps.

Here are all the baby cell phone apps for Android.

The following apps will work on the iPhone or iPod Touch…


Baby Cell Phone Apps That Are Helpful During Pregnancy

  • What To Expect When You’re Expecting — The popular pregnancy bible What To Expect When You’re Expecting is now available for your mobile phone! This cell phone app includes a due date calculator, updates on your changing body, weekly baby illustrations, weekly details of baby’s growth and development, slideshows of your belly, and a countdown to your due date. The best part: it’s FREE!
  • The Wheel — This cell phone app is used to determine your baby’s due date. It calculates the gestational age of the fetus the same way that obstetricians do. The Wheel costs $1.99 to download. There are 2 other versions, depending on the “look” and functions you’re after: The Wheel SP ($1.99) and The Wheel RE ($0.99). Plus, there are lots of due date calculators — many of which are FREE!
  • Birth BuddyAn iPhone app that tracks your contractions during labor. It also sends emails to your care provider, family members, and close friends to keep them updated on how your labor is progressing. The cost: $1.99. There are a number of other labor contractions iPhone apps, a few of which are FREE!
  • Baby Bump — nominated as a “Best App For Parents”, this iPhone app has tons of features — including creating a profile/countdown, updating journals/measurements, a kick counter, themes, baby namer, ways to create birth announcements and a customized birth plan. This baby cell phone app has it all for $4.99.
  • Foods To Avoid When Pregnant — This app helps pregnant women know what foods to avoid. It’s a quick, easy, and cheap (only $0.99) reference to keep you and your baby safe.  (A similar app for $0.99 is Prenatal Smart.)
  • mPregnancy — If you’re a dad-to-be, this iPhone app is just for you! It’s a great way for dads to know what’s going on throughout the pregnancy and the first one created just for the guys! The price for this baby cell phone app is $2.99. There are lots of other pregnancy tracker iPhone apps for expectant parents — many of which are FREE!
  • The Free Menstrual Calender — This app is designed to predict your most fertile days to get pregnant. Not convinced it would work? See how one couple used the iPhone to get pregnant! As stated in its name, this baby cell phone app is FREE! (Plus, there are lots more fertility iPhone apps which are also FREE!)
  • MyOBGYN —  A great way for women to ask questions about anything — from fertility to delivery. This app is only $0.99. See how the MyOBGYN app works in this video. Plus, there’s a lite version (MyOBGYN Lite) that’s FREE! A similar iPhone app that allows you to post pregnancy questions is Pregnancy 411. It’s also FREE!
  • Watch Me Change — This app reminds you to take a photo of yourself everyday. Then, over time, it creates a time lapse video of your belly growing for you to watch or share with a friend. It’s a fun app (only $0.99) to create a memory of your baby growing inside you.
  • Baby Names — This iPhone app helps you find names for your newborn. There are tons of baby names to choose from, including the origins and meanings of those names. You can also create and update a Favorites list — for yourself, or to send to friends and family. This app is $4.99. (There are lots of great baby names apps, including many that are FREE!)

Here are tons more baby cell phone apps that are helpful during pregnancy.


Baby Cell Phone Apps That Are Helpful For New Parents

  • Cry Translator — This baby cell phone app uses sound analysis technology to identify the 5 human emotional states. So
    if your child is hungry, fatigued, annoyed, bored, or stressed, this app will help to determine which type of cry it is and what you can do to calm your baby. It claims to be 96% accurate and costs $9.99. There are lots of other baby crying apps that start at $0.99. (See how well the Cry Translator works, plus discussion about the Cry Translator on The Doctors and Live With Regis And Kelly.)
  • Total Baby — This one can definitely make your life with a new baby a little easier! It’s full of features that can keep you organized and ready-to-go. It features timers for diaper changes, feedings, bath times, sleeping, and anything else you need a reminder for. It also allows you to keep a diary and update important baby milestones, keep up with vaccines and doctor’s visits, and track your child’s growth along with a summary of your child’s day. The app costs $4.99. (Here’s a video showing how the Total Baby app works.)
  • Emmbook Baby Book — Similar to an on-the-go baby book, this app allows you to keep up with all of your baby’s memories, from their favorite things to their very firsts. It also stores photos and Thank You notes for gifts you’ve received. This app costs $4.99. (See how Emmbook works in this video.) Another similar app is OurKids — a family journal, memory, and baby book that costs $3.99.
  • Baby Monitor & Alarm — This iPhone app will give you peace of mind. To use it, simply place your iPhone next to your sleeping baby. If the app detects noise, it will call you at another number of your choice and allow you to listen to your baby. It’s simple to use, and costs $2.99. (This video shows how it works.) There are lots of other baby monitor iPhone apps, some of which are FREE!
  • SymptomMD — This app acts like an on-call virtual pediatrician — which is great for times when you’re traveling, or your doctor’s office is closed. You’ll find a list of common ailments, as well as suggestions for the type of care that is needed for each one. It uses the same type of symptom-checker database that pediatricians and nurses use. For $2.99, this iPhone app is a handy tool for first-time parents.
  • Baby Tracker: Diapers — For just $0.99, this iPhone app allows you to keep track of your baby’s diaper usage. You can record whether the diaper was (W) for wet or (BM) for bowel movement, or both. It also allows you to select colors, add descriptions, and record the date and time of each diaper change.  There a few other diaper iPhone apps, and a few of them are FREE!
  • Baby Tracker: Nursing — Similar to the Baby Tracker: Diapers app mentioned above, the this iPhone app keeps track of when you nurse. It records your nursing sessions — including the length of time and which side you nursed on. It costs $4.99. The Nursing Master is similar, but only costs $1.99. (See how the Nursing Master app works.) Two nursing baby cell phone apps that are very similar are: Nursing Log ($1.99) and Baby Nursing ($0.99).
  • White Noise Lite — Rated by CNET as one of “5 free iPhone apps that can change your life,” White Noise Lite helps you calm and relax your baby with soothing sounds that simulate ocean waves, a brook, a vacuum, riding in a car, and a rain storm. This app is FREE! If you want even more features, try the full version of White Noise. (Here’s a video showing how the White Noise app works.) Two similar baby cell phone apps featuring simulated soothing sounds that are great for babies are: Baby Soothe ($0.99) and ($0.99).
  • Flashlight — This FREE iPhone app helps you to get around your baby’s room when it’s dark. You can even choose the color of the light that shines from your iPhone when it’s in flashlight mode. This app will come in handy in a lot of other situations as well — both at home and when you’re out & about! This video shows how the flashlight app works. (There are lots of other flashlight iPhone apps, some of which are FREE!)
  • Phony Phone — Turn your iPhone into a toy for your child with this iPhone app! It teaches numbers, words, and hand-eye coordination. This is one of the most fun and educational baby cell phone apps available. It’s only $0.99. (Here’s a review of Phony Phone.)

Here are even more baby cell phone apps that are helpful for new parents.


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