How To Survive A Summer Pregnancy

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Hot.  Humid.  Heavy.

All 3 describe what it feels like to be pregnant in July.

Hot, humid, and heavy make a summer pregnancy uncomfortable. Here is what you can do to feel better.

Since we can’t all crank the thermostat down to 65 degrees, here are some tips for feeling cool and comfortable during a summer pregnancy.

You can’t help it!

Pregnant women feel hot from the inside out.

It’s critical we stay cool, for baby’s sake.

Here’s why pregnant women are more susceptible to heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

I’m sweating right along with you!  Here are some survival strategies that are helping me stay cool in this hot hot pregnancy.


Running Errands During A Summer Pregnancy:


What To Wear In A Summer Pregnancy:

  • Cotton is your friend.  Pack the spandex-stretch maternity pants for fall.
  • Large brimmed hats are a must for pool time, or you risk dark patches of melasma.
  • Loose sandals can be slipped on and off to prevent swelling.
  • Slip on that maternity swimsuit and head for the pool!  Nothing like natural buoyancy to make you feel cool and energized.

—> Here’s why water aerobics make pregnant women feel less tired in the heat.


Good Night’s Sleep For A Summer Pregnancy:

  • Find some thin cotton nightgowns for comfortable rest.
  • Oscillate a standing fan near the bed.
  • Get your husband a pair of flannel PJs to compensate!

How are you staying cool and pregnant this summer?