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Baby & Mom Review The Zany Zoo Activity Cube – A Large Wooden Activity Cube For Toddlers

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By Candida

My son is over 8 months old now, and when it comes to toys or things to play with, he’s only interested in the things we don’t want him to have …like the dog food & water bowls, cell phones, remotes, you get the idea.

He certainly isn’t interested in the toys we have provided for him — those baby toys are not intriguing to him anymore.

In an effort to keep him engaged and entertained, I decided to give the Zany Zoo Activity Cube from b. Toys a try.

Here’s my review of this 5-sided wooden activity cube


Features and activities I love about the wooden Zany Zoo cube:

  • The Zany Zoo Activity Cube is beautifully painted and well-constructed.
  • It’s 18 inches tall and has gender-neutral colors.
  • The burgundy side has 4 doors to open — with animals to find behind each door with their corresponding name spelled out. (My son loves to open and close these doors!)
  • The orange side has beautifully illustrated spinning blocks — with A to Z animals from Aardvark to Zebra. (It’s a great opportunity to learn the alphabet with animal association.)
  • The green side has 3 zigzag race paths — which make a clickity clack sound as the wooden figures make their way down.
  • The blue side has 2 spinny spinners of illustrated animals — which can make up a combination of mix & match animal tops and bottoms.
  • The top side of the cube has 3 loopty-loo and rollercoaster routes — with wooden beads to slide around. It also has 3 tracks to slide wooden animals about.
  • There are so many moving parts and fun activities, yet everything remains contained and on the cube itself — so no toys to pick up!
  • The top 4 corners are smoothed out — so those edges and corners aren’t sharp.


The only thing I don’t like about the Zany Zoo cube:

My son tries to pull himself up while holding onto the loopity tracks, and the wooden activity cube is not heavy enough at 15 lbs to support his weight.

He can pull the top of the cube onto its side on top of him with his own pulling effort and potentially hurt himself.

The Zany Zoo Activity Cube would be better if it had some sort of anchoring option.

So with this wooden activity cube, supervision is a must if the baby is pulling to stand!


The Bottom Line…

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with our purchase of the Zany Zoo Activity Cube.

It will be a toy/activity that will last for a couple years.

The recommended ages for this wooden activity cube are 1 year to 3 years of age.

I think it would make a great birthday gift for a 1-year-old.

Here is my video review — with a few more details about the wooden Zany Zoo cube: