Expecting Twins? Tips For Exercising While Pregnant With Twins

You get a lot of conflicting advice about exercise when you’re pregnant with twins. Often, the reason for the disagreement is that every pregnancy is different: In many cases, carrying twins can go so smoothly, there’s nothing you need to be especially careful about when picking an exercise. Other times, twin pregnancies can come with complications and a bit of […]

Mom & Baby Necessities


30+ Unique Baby Shower Gifts That Are Highly Rated And Recommended By Moms

Baby showers are fun for me — especially when I’m going to a baby shower for first-time parents. I use it as an opportunity to find something that’s truly unique for for the new mom and dad, while (hopefully) surprising them with something they never even knew existed! Don’t get me wrong, I always make […]

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During Your Pregnancy


Preparing For Another Pregnancy After Suffering A Miscarriage

Deciding to conceive a child after the agony of a miscarriage is a difficult and painful decision which is often accompanied by numerous doubts and fears. As many as 10 to 25 percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage — defined as a pregnancy lost before 20 weeks. (After that it is considered a stillbirth.) Most […]


10 Ways To Prevent Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

Many women are plagued by painful leg cramps during pregnancy. These pregnancy leg cramps show up most often during the second and third trimester, and they often strike at night when you’re trying to sleep. No one knows exactly what causes leg cramps during pregnancy, but some research suggests that it could be related to […]

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Labor & Delivery


Inducing Labor Naturally – Here’s How To Do It Yourself

No two women feel the same during pregnancy, but a large percentage will start to feel ‘fed up’ towards the end of their third trimester. As birth approaches, excited anticipation coupled with unpleasant side effects presented by pregnancy make it a tense and frustrating time. While a full term pregnancy comes at 40 weeks, it […]

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After The Baby Is Born


Baby Proof And Toddler Proof Phone Cases For Parents

Everyone knows that babies like to play with their parents’ cell phones from time to time. A cellphone — with its many apps, games, music, and video features — can be an incredibly useful tool for pacifying a crying baby or distracting a squirming toddler. But what about the drool… the drops… and the accidental […]

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