10 Unique Baby Things I’ve Used Almost Every Day During My Baby’s First 6 Months

I went for a haircut the other day and my hairdresser shared with me she was 13 weeks pregnant with her first baby. We began the discussion of all the baby things she was planning on buying, and I was brought down memory lane to the time I discovered I was pregnant.

As a first time mom, I remember being a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out what we were going to need by the time we brought baby home from the hospital.

I had so much to share with her — because I now have a true understanding and appreciation for what I simply wouldn’t want to live without (beyond the basic nursery set-up).

A first time mom shares her top 10 must have baby items

Here are my top 10 must-have baby items that I’ve use regularly — if not daily — in the past 6 months:


#1 – Baby Travel System

New mamas need mobility, and a good travel system (stroller + car seat) is a must-have in my opinion.

We use the Quinny Buzz Xtra stroller paired with the Maxi-Cosi AP Infant car seat.

It’s super convenient to stroll with baby and all of your baby things as you re-enter civilization.

If baby is sleeping in the car seat, you can just place the car seat on the base of the stroller — without disturbing your sleeping baby.

Here’s my Quinny stroller review, highlighting all the reasons we love this travel system.

walking baby and dogs with the Quinny Stroller


#2 – Baby Carrier

Having a baby carrier means hands-free baby wearing!

It’s just another great way to keep baby close while having mobility to do other things — such as go outside and get fresh air.

We love and use the Ergobaby 360 carrier with infant insert.

baby things list - dad wearing a baby carrier


#3 – Baby Swing

Having a swing means having a safe place to put baby for a nap or while mom grabs a shower!

We love and use the Fisher Price Snug a Bunny Cradle and Swing.

Here’s my review of this Fisher Price swing — so you can see all the reasons I love it.

baby things list - a baby swing


#4 – Baby Activity Center

A newborn won’t be able to use this right away — but babies grow so fast.

As a new mom, you will be surprised at how quickly you’ll consider putting your baby in the seat of an activity center!

We love and use the Oball Bounce O Bunch Exersaucer. (That’s a link to my detailed review.)

baby activity center - must have baby things


#5 – Nursing Pillow

Any nursing pillow is super helpful for feeding, snuggling, or propping up baby.

There are hours which seem to turn into days you’re holding your newborn baby.

This is the nursing pillow that I use.

a nursing pillow has many uses with a newborn baby


#6 – Baby Swim Ring

I’m all about having a bath myself — with baby in the tub too!

This bath ring keeps your baby’s head afloat, freeing up your hands to bathe your baby while enjoying a soak yourself.

I use the Pampel Floating Swim Ring and love it.

a baby swim ring isn't just for the pool


#7 – Bumbo Seat With Tray

Although a newborn will not be able to this use right away, it comes in handy once baby is able to sit on their own.

It also helps them strengthen their core while being securely seated.

This handy little seat is equipped with a tray and will strap to any chair — eliminating the need for an additional high chair!

Bumbo has lots of baby floor seats and add-on trays to choose from. Here’s my Bumbo baby seat review.

a bumbo floor seat with tray can be used as a high chair too


#8 – Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

A light, compact, and foldable stroller is inexpensive and provides one more safe place to place baby.

It allows you to stroll baby from room to room — if you’re busy doing housework or other tasks requiring hands-free baby monitoring.

I use this Cosco Umbrella Stroller.

lightweight stroller - umbrella stroller


#9 – Swaddle Blankets

In my opinion, these are the only blankets you will need when you have a baby: Aden & Anais Muslim receiving blankets.

They are simply the lightest and softest blanket to swaddle your new baby and to use as they grow.

We love our Aden & Anais receiving blankets.

receiving blankets are important baby things that you will use as baby grows


#10 – Baby Play Mat

A play mat provides a soft place for tummy time with fun dangling toys for baby to play with when they start to roll on their own.

We love and use the Bright Starts Zippy Zoo play mat.

baby play mat activity center - on my top baby things list

I would recommend any first time mom adding these items to her baby registry.

A baby shower is a great way to help offset some of the costs by receiving some of the baby things you’ll need as a gift.

One place to get your registry started is Babylist — because you can put anything you want on your list from any store! A universal wish list is the only way to go these days.