Pregnancy & Conception Myths: The Truth Made Real

pregnancy-conception-mythsSo, have you heard the one that says if a man drinks Mountain Dew it will lower his sperm count enough to prevent him from being able to get a woman pregnant?

How about the one that says if you’re a woman and you do jumping jacks after sex, the sperm will just fall out — which will keep you from getting pregnant?

The fact is conception myths have been around since ancient times.

Remember the one about the stork bringing babies?

People who believe these conception myths find themselves frequently being called — you guessed it — parents!

Here are 2 myths about pregnancy & conception that I have personally heard people talking about:

  • If the man wears 2 condoms, it provides double the protection. Well… no. Actually, the friction created during sex will be more likely to cause one or both condoms to rip — making conception much more likely.
  • You can’t get pregnant if you have sex in a hot tub — because the heat and chlorine kill all the sperm. Well… not exactly. While the chlorine and heat will kill the sperm that get into the water, they will not kill those that remain inside your body.

Now, back to that Mountain Dew myth and the jumping jacks myth… neither of those is true either.

The yellow dye in Mountain Dew is believed to kill a man’s sperm, but it does not. As for a woman doing jumping jacks… uh oh, those sperm are really fast little swimmers and they can easily stay inside the woman’s body and fertilize an egg even if she’s doing jumping jacks.


Other Pregnancy & Conception Myths

Here are some other common pregnancy & conception myths that won’t actually influence your chances of getting pregnant:

Lie on your back with your hips elevated after sex.

Keep your underpants on.

Stop worrying so much about getting pregnant — just relax.

Have sex during your period.

Pull out prior to climaxing.

Use lubricants to help the sperm swim faster.

Douche or go to the bathroom immediately after sex.

Climax during sex.

Drink cough syrup before you ovulate.

Have sex 14 days after your period.

Take someone else’s birth control pills right before sex.

Make love during the day — with the lights on.

Try different sex positions.

Have sex every day.

Take aspirin immediately after having sex.

Drink green tea.

Stop bike riding (if you’re a male).

Keep the testicles cool.

Sneeze immediately after having sex.

You can’t get pregnant the first time you have sex.


Mommy Brain: Myth Or Reality?

By the way, have you ever heard of pregnant women becoming scatterbrained and forgetful?

Do you think this is just another pregnancy myth?

Find out why there is so much controversy regarding this condition frequently associated with pregnancy called mommy brain.