7 Natural Cures For Morning Sickness

Pregnancy is one of those times when you don’t want to take many medications for fear of harming the baby, so natural cures for common pregnancy related symptoms are always welcome. Here are 7 natural cures for morning sickness…

8 Great Gifts For The Mom-To-Be

Here are some great gift ideas for the mom-to-be… From the practical gifts every mom needs to the creative and unusual gifts for the mother to be — and everything in between.

Reasons To Minimize Caffeine While You’re Pregnant …300 mg Is The Magic Number

Researchers suggest that pregnant women drop their caffeine intake to less than 300 milligrams per day. This allows for two to three 8-ounce cups of coffee. Some of the reasons: miscarriage, low birth rate, preterm labor, increased heart rate, diuretics tamper with the body’s absorption of iron, caffeine lessens appetite for more nutritional foods that mother and baby need.

6 Sweet Snacks Safe For Gestational Diabetes

I’m treating my pregnancy’s gestational diabetes with an ADA meal plan, oral Glyburide, and daily exercise. But I still get those sweet cravings! What snacks are safe for gestational diabetes patients? Here’s are 6 sweet snacks that pregnant women can eat without worrying!

How To Survive Your Glucose Tolerance Tests

I’m pregnant and not feeling good. Here’s what happened when I had elevated results on the gestational diabetes screening at 28 weeks — and some tips for surviving the 3-hour glucose tolerance test.

4 Effortless Ways To Simplify Your Pregnancy

Here are 4 effortless ways to make your pregnancy easy. Simplify life during pregnancy by outsourcing grocery delivery, meal preparation, house cleaning, and shopping for baby.

Top 5 Things Every Pregnant Woman Needs To Buy

Pregnancy books will give you too many ideas. What does a pregnant women REALLY need to buy for herself? Here’s my personal list of the top 5 things every pregnant woman needs to buy… and 7 things pregnant women DON’T need!