Mom & Toddler Show How To Brush Baby Teeth, How To Brush A Baby’s Gums, And When To Start Brushing Baby’s Teeth & Gums

I started my baby’s oral care regime as soon as he got his first tooth. But I should have started even before his baby teeth erupted through the gums. My toddler and I are going to show you how to brush a baby’s gums using a wet washcloth, gauze, or a finger toothbrush. Plus how to brush baby teeth by following a daily routine where you brush your teeth together. Also… what I’ve learned about when to start brushing baby’s teeth & gums, issues regarding fluoride toothpaste, and what to do when your baby doesn’t like teeth brushing.

VTech Sit To Stand Learning Walker Review: See Why My Toddler Loves This Baby Push Walker!

Our baby is learning to walk at 16 months. His Grammy thought he needed a baby push walker to help him learn to walk — so she bought him the VTech Sit To Stand Learning Walker. Now he repeatedly attempts to walk completely on his own. I definitely believe the VTech baby walker helped get him start walking!

After 16 Months Of Using Disposable Diapers, I Switched To Cloth Diapers… Here’s Why & What I’ve Learned About Cloth Diapers vs. Disposable Diapers

I’ve used Pampers Swaddlers since the day we brought our baby home — because they are soft and absorb well. Plus, Swaddlers have a moisture indicator strip, which helped with my observations of baby’s potty signals. However… after using disposable diapers for 16 months and trying cloth diapers for the first time, I’m honestly wishing I made the switch to cloth diapers sooner! I found a good deal on used cloth diapers that were in excellent condition. See why I’m now a huge fan of Alva cloth diapers with snaps that grow with your baby, how to clean cloth diapers, my tips for stripping cloth diapers of bacteria, and my thoughts on cloth diapers vs disposable diapers today.

A Mom’s Tips For Flying Solo With A Toddler On Your Lap Or In A Car Seat For The First Time

See the most important things I’ve learned after flying solo with an infant for the first time. Tips to help you with checking in, getting through security, passing time in airports during layovers, boarding the plane, flying with a toddler in a car seat (after scoring an extra seat), and flying with a toddler on your lap (if they’re under age 2 and the flight is full). Here are 16 things I would do differently if I could do it all over again…

Toddler Ride On Toy Car Review: My 1-Year-Old Loves The Step 2 Whisper Ride On Push Car Stroller… And So Do I!

Here’s my review of the Step 2 Whisper ride on push car with pros & cons. I use it as a stroller a lot — because it keeps my toddler contained and entertained whenever we have to wait in line somewhere. I also use it in our yard a lot — it’s a great way to get him outside when I don’t want him getting down and dirty (like when I’m doing yard work).

Mom & Baby’s Keekaroo High Chair Review: See Why The Keekaroo Height Right High Chair With Tray Is The Best High Chair Ever!

We used a Bumbo multi seat as a high chair for about 8 months, but at 14 months of age, I think it’s time for a more sturdy high chair. I decided to try the Keekaroo Height Right high chair after doing a good deal of research on the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair. The Keekaroo is a great substitute for the Stokke high chair because — much like the Stokke — your baby simply cannot outgrow a Keekaroo high chair… and it’s much more affordable! We especially like the look and the sturdiness of the Keekaroo. See all the other reasons we love our Keekaroo Height Right high chair…

Flying With A Baby? Here’s What I’ve Learned While Preparing For My Baby’s First Airplane Ride (…An International Flight To Canada!)

I’m in the process of preparing for my baby’s first plane ride. See everything that we’re packing, how I plan to handle the layovers and connecting flights with a baby, some handy gadgets and travel necessities that I’ve discovered and will be using on this trip, and tips for other moms who are planning their very first flight with a baby.

Mom & Baby Review The Fisher Price Crawl Around Car With 3 ‘Smart Stages’ Levels Of Play

My baby really likes his Fisher Price Crawl Around Car! It keeps him busy for 15-20 minute intervals at a time. As a full time work at home mom, having your baby distracted for even a few minutes of “baby free time” always feels like a win! This is a Smart Stages Crawl Around Car with 3 different levels of activity that will grow with your baby. See our video review — including our favorite features on the Fisher Price Laugh And Learn Crawl Around Car (and 1 negative).

Car Travel With Baby: One Mom’s Simple Tips For Traveling With A Toddler In The Car

My baby is 1 year old — which means he can finally ride in a forward facing car seat. We chose the Britax convertible car seat — because of its high safety rating. See what traveling with a toddler in the car is like for our family. My best baby travel tips for your next road trip with a toddler… from entertaining DVD movies in the car to the best snacks & sippy cups for toddler car trips.

How To Make Homemade Baby Food Quickly & Easily: 10 Helpful Tips For Making Baby Food At Home Yourself

See how homemade baby food compares to store-bought baby food, the advantages of making baby food yourself, how you’ll save money making homemade baby food at home, how to puree/store/freeze/thaw baby food, and how to make your own healthy baby food recipes quickly & easily. Plus 10 tips
to ensure that your homemade baby food is safe, healthy… and tasty!