Pregnancy Questions & Answers: Vaginal Bleeding, Acrylic Nails, Signs Of Ovulation, And Eating For Two

You are sure to have questions with your first pregnancy or if you’re trying to conceive for the first time. Is Vaginal Bleeding Normal When Pregnant? Are Acrylic Nails Safe During Pregnancy? How Much Should You Eat During Pregnancy? How Do You Know When You’re Ovulating? Here are the answers to these 4 common pregnancy questions.


10 Best New Dad Websites + 10 Best Books For Expectant Fathers

There’s a lot about how the expectant dad can help the mom-to-be through the pregnancy, but finding help for the dad himself isn’t quite as simple. Just like mothers-to-be, expectant fathers also need information, reassurance, and advice during the various stages of pregnancy. Following are some of the best online resources and books just for fathers-to-be.

Are You A Pregnant Athlete Concerned About Your Pregnancy Workout?

If you’re an athlete and have suddenly found out that you’re pregnant, you probably have lots of questions about putting together your pregnancy workout. Up until the last few years doctors told women, athletes included, that 140 beats per minute during exercise was it, that even if a mom-to-be was a conditioned athlete she should not go over that. Times have changed though, and there are new guidelines for pregnant athletes.